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Jocelyn Gonzales

HeadStepper Media is a digital production company that specializes in the creation of audio and video content for Web and mobile platforms. We guide our clients through the process of producing, promoting and distributing programming to internal and external audiences — content that is engaging, entertaining and educational. Whether you have a weekly podcast, a daily show, or an audio or web-video project that needs to reach a global audience, we have scalable solutions that will work for you.


Who We Are

Founder & CEO

Craig Hunter
Pedro Rafael Rosado

Founder & President

Director of Audio and Production

Craig Hunter has extensive experience as a journalist and digital storyteller. He is a former editor at The New York Times, where he specialized in science, media and technology. Craig began his career in audio while still in high school, having founded and operated a mobile recording studio in southwestern Connecticut. A longtime student of emerging media trends, Craig co-founded HeadStepper Media to produce independent podcasts and help others reach audiences through the power of audio and video.

Jocelyn Gonzales is an audio producer and educator in New York City. Her work has appeared on Studio 360, WNYC New York Public Radio, Soundcheck, Marketplace, Weekend America, Sound Money, Radiolab, Musicians Radio on XM Satellite, Ear Studio, Minnesota Public Radio, Pop Tech Jam and Re:Sound. For The New York Times, Jocelyn produces the weekly "New York Times Music Popcast," "New York Times Book Review" and "Times Insider" podcasts.

Pedro Rafael Rosado is a veteran audio producer and former staff editor for The New York Times. He was a key member of the team that developed and produced the runaway hit show, "The Daily," and was instrumental in creating the company's podcast department. Pedro continues to produce "Book Review" and "Popcast" for the Times. Before joining the newspaper, he was a music producer and a recording engineer. In addition to serving as co-founder and president, Pedro is also the content director of HeadStepper Media.

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